Monday, August 22, 2011

Adding bias tape to a straight edge, the easy way !

If you are like me , you have had trouble adding bias tape the traditional way. I never seem to be able to get it to look nice, it always comes out sloppy and uneven.
So I have come up with a way to have it come out perfect and looking great everytime.

1. first be sure the longer edge of the bias tape is on the bottom.

2. Then open the bias tape and sandwich the fabric between the tape.

3. close the bias tape to enclose the fabric

4. Sew all layers at the same time, making sure to keep the fabric inside the bias tape, you can pin it all together if you want to to be sure you have it all done right.

5. When you are done sewing this is what the right side should look like.

6. This is what the wrong side of the fabric should look like. All edges are enclosed and bias tape is sewn together, nice, neat and pretty .

7. All done, your edge is finished and looking good.

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