Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today I want to talk about adding special extras to your aprons. Usually an apron pattern will have you make an apron with a pocket, it is usally shown plain without an embellishments. for me that will not do. Why not add a special little something to the pocket, like a baby rick rack butterfly with pearls for the body, or add an applique of something taken from the main fabric such as a chicken from the Hot Chicks apron I made for a client. Add Jumbo rick rack to the top of an apron pocket, or if you have an embroidery machine add a design to the pocket. Pockets are small and the embellishments will be small too, so it will not take too much more of your time and will add interest to what could be "Just an apron".

To make this butterfly, Cut a 5" and a 4" piece of Baby rick rack. Place each piece in a figure "8" pattern. Use Basting Glue to hold in place. I also make sure that the ends are in the center, because that will be covered by the beads. Sew in place using Monofilament Thread as the top thread and matching thread in the bobbin. fOR THE BODY : Hand sew a length of 5 pearl beads, that will get smaller in size, one large bead, three medium beads and one small bead. Stitch through the beads three times for added strength. I added a medium width Rick Rack to the top of this pocket as well.

To make fold over Pocket : I make the make alittle long than called for in the pattern. After sewing the pocket together, I will fold over the top and add some Rick Rack under the flap, I sew this is place, then I add a button to the top of the pocket. After all this is done, then I sew the pocket.

This is a gathered Pocket, make the pocket alittle wider than called for in the pattern, sew together, the gather the pocket the width you want it to be. I sewed a piece of Rick Rack over the gathering stitches and added a Metal Apple button to this apron.

As you can see there are many ways to make your pockets interesting. All these ideas can be used in children's clothing as well. Experiment, see what you come up with. I would love it if you shared some of your creations with me.

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