Monday, January 12, 2015

Domestic Diva Gloves

Who knew there were as many Domestic Diva's out there. I love to wear fun yet practical aprons and gloves in my kitchen, and I guess you do too. I always wanted fun, sexy rubber gloves to wear while doing the dishes or cleaning up the house doing those messy jobs, we all hate to do. I hated the look of those normal rubber gloves, and I wanted some fancy ones to wear , yeah I know what you are thinking, sexy, rubber gloves? Well why not? We all do dishes, and have to clean the toilet and I frankly hate those jobs, but maybe , just maybe when I where some thing cute I might feel better while doing it. So I created these "Diva Gloves".

I had seen similar rubber gloves at Walmart and Target, but frankly I wasn't too impressed with them, The part that was near your skin was plastic, and I felt those rubber gloves are hot enough without added more plastic on my skin, so I made my ruffles out of 100% cotton. 
My "Diva Gloves" are made using the best rubber Gloves I can find, and should last quite awhile, after wear just hang them up to dry.

Let's face it housework is boring, but your rubber gloves don't have to be.

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