Tuesday, January 13, 2015


It use to be that I could post my stuff on Facebook and all of my fans could see them. But not today, with their new policy changes Facebook now only lets a handful around 3% of my fans to see my posts at any given time. So I no longer can rely on Facebook to help me with my business. And I am not the only one, other businesses big and small are in the same boat. Unless you pay , your fans can not see what you post. I am a small business and I can not afford to pay for each post I make, so I am now going to use this Blog, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumbler, and Google+ to let you know what I have made and where you can see and buy it. I hope you will still follow me as I make more items which will help you feel beautiful and help you have fun in your kitchens.
I also make baby and children's items too.

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