Monday, August 17, 2009

Pillowcases aren't just for your bed anymore.

Who would have thought that a concept designed in the 1930's out of necessity, would turn into a fashion statement today. Pillowcase dresses were first done my 1930 house wives to save money, when money was really tight and hard to come by, well today really isn't any different we all need and want to save money.These dresses are easy and fun to make, you can make them out of pillowcases, but I made mine out of new fabric, and I added some embroidery on the bottom of the dresses to help adorn them. The embroidery designs can be bought from Bunnycups designs and JuJu degigns. The first one I made for my sweet grand daughter Trinity , I choose a Mermaid embroidery design to go with the sea side beach theme of the fabric, as you can see I put her name in the front of her dress.

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